Weathering the Storms

The bride, the groom and I all scattered as the fifteen-foot tall floral arrangement toppled and fell. It landed right where I had been standing moments before. After catching our breath (and my assurance to the couple that this was not a bad omen, but that winds at a ceremony are believed to be the presence of ancestors who wish them well), we resumed the ceremony.

Yes, the arrangement had been fully tethered. In fact, it was being held down by monofilament wire that a member of the wedding party had not-too-gracefully tripped over shortly before the ceremony. Yes, the florist had done everything possible to make it sturdy and safe. The winds just had another idea.

The elements can always affect your wedding. I recall some gale-force winds that practically blew the bride and groom off the ledge overlooking the ocean. I also recall looking out on a sea of golf umbrellas covering already damp guests during a sudden downpour. I have struggled with wind whipping up the pages of the ceremony in my hand-held book. All of which is why I highly recommended that you check into the weather conditions for the time of year and location of your ceremony. And, even if you have checked out all the details, have a backup plan for relocation (or at least some large size garbage bags on hand to be worn by the guests in case of deluge).

Mother Nature is fickle. No matter how determined you may be, if she decides to let it all hang out on your special day, there isn’t much you can do to stop her; but you can be prepared. Umbrellas for rain and or excess sun/heat, cool drinks for guests in summer. If wind can impact the location, make sure there are back up mics, wind shields and protection against the elements.