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Is the IPad on the Guest List?

Tech is a very real part of your everyday life. And maybe you even met on (a lot of my couples have found each other on the Internet). But once they met, they put their computers down and started relating to one another; being with one another. One thing led to another and they ended up where you are: Getting married – to each other, not to their phones.

We use our phones to communicate, to set up meet-ups, to research wedding vendors, to keep track of when to be where. And if we lose our phone or the tablet crashes, its panic time.

No doubt about it, we’re definitely married to tech, but do you really want that kind of pressure in your wedding ceremony? What if the internet goes down in the middle of your “I do’s"? Did you? And can you remember the password?

Start now: During the planning process don’t forget to put the phone or the tablet down once in a while and remember why you are getting married. You love each other, you want to be with each other. So, really be with each other, talk to each other, talk about what you really want your ceremony to be; what you want it to feel like.

And then, pick your phone back up and look for an officiant who “fits” your style and personality; one who can and will personalize your ceremony so that it really is your dream come-true.

During the ceremony, in spite of all of the family and the guests and the wedding party and the vendors who are gathered around, when you say “I do” there are three of you standing there. Make sure your officiant is someone you want to have share that intimate and magical moment with you.

You don’t want to phone it in. They shouldn’t either.

Email or call me, I’ll make sure your ceremony is all about you, that it is written and presented in your style and clearly communicates who you are, individually and as a couple. Call me, I’d love to be part of your wedding.